"Imagination : Animation"


Online Submission

Wearable technology is smart electronic devices that can be worn on the body as implants or accessories. It is plummeting down the gender gap.

Theme: "Jewellery Meeting Technology" ◈Make an animated advertisement using Scratch software on an innovative product on the given theme.
◈ Email the project file along with the name of the scratcher at latest by April 21, 2018.
◈ Subject line of the mail must be the School's name.
◈ The advertisement should have Name of the Product, Tagline, Name of the Scratcher & Sound.
◈ Result of online submission will be uploaded on our event website and Facebook page on April 26, 2018.
◈Judgment Criteria-
          → Concept
          → Presentation
          → Creativity
          → Originality

Eligibily: VI- VIII
Duration : 3 min. max
1 Team of 2 Students
Student Incharge: Divy Sharma (9911369684)