"Contrived Contraption "


Problem Statement: Team needs to construct 1 robot that is able to solve the maze. Successfully solving a maze is defined as entering through doorways, covering maximum possible tiles (means covering more than 25% of the area), avoiding black hazard Tiles (Robot must not cover more than 25% of the Black Hazard Tile at any Time), and exiting through a doorway without human interaction. Starting Point is always a Checkpoint 1, by default. Teams must cover, all/maximum possible checkpoints and tiles anywhere on the mat. Points are awarded individually for covering tiles, reaching checkpoints and avoiding hazards.

◈ The ROBOT can be autonomous (any kind of remotes and wireless transmission is prohibited)
◈ Any kit can be used (for eg. Lego, Arduino, etc).
◈ Pre-program kit/sensors for obstacle avoider/maze solver are not allowed.
◈ 30 minutes will be provided to make any changes in the robot.
◈ The Team is required to bring only 1 assembled robot.
◈ Only 1 member of them is allowed to enter the arena.

Eligibily: Open:
1 Team of 2 Students
Student Incharge:  Prateek Mittal (8860377197)
                                         Utkarsh Gupta (9717020263)