a community

A species of the new generation tech-savvy people, who are willing to take every challenge without
any hesitation. Yet, we don't brag about anything and keep getting better day-by-day.
We also thank you for helping us grow.


Awaited, HASH 4.0 is coming. Don't miss a chance to stand up in the competition
and hold one of those precious trophies, irresistible respect too.

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HASH 4.0

Mission “HASH 4.0” is all about tapping the immense talent of the school students of Delhi region and helping these digital natives to use their skills for creative and positive pursuits. We wish to invite your school to participate in this exciting event.


Our vision is to make each individual a knowledge worker & problem solver, who is able to keep pace with global challenges, to nurture innovative minds that would make a difference to the nation & the world through their research & enterprise.