"You can’t think about thinking without thinking about something"


◈ Record a video showing a community problem and its solution.
◈ Upload the video in .mp4 on latest by October 16, 2017. Duration of video should be 2-3 mins.
◈ judgement criteria for video submission onsite-
Problem Statement
◈ Result of online submission will be uploaded on our event website and Facebook page on October 25, 2017.
◈ Selected teams will be invited for Final onsite round which will be about building something using regular stuff (provided on the spot). Using the material provided, a problem solving model is to be made and teams will give a presentation of the same.
Duration of onsite event : 2 hours
◈ No power supply be provided. Use of any unfair means will disqualify the team.

Judgment Criteria-
◈ Creativity
◈ Originality
◈ Clarity of vision
◈ Implementation
Eligibily: IX-XII
1 Team of 3 Students
Teacher Incharge: Ms Richa Arora