"Weave a story"


Online Submission

◈ Use Microsoft Photostory 3 to create a story on the topic Cyber Security
◈ Save the Photo Story file with extension .wmv
◈ Email the photo story to latest by April 21, 2018.
◈ Write the subject title of email as "SCHOOL NAME_PHOTOSTORY" and mention the full name of the participants.
◈ Result of online submission will be uploaded on our event website and Facebook page on April 26, 2018.
◈ Judgement Criteria:
          → Originality and Relevance of Content
          → Creativity and Consistency
          → Visual Appeal
Eligibily: Class V
1 Team of 2 Student only
Duration : 3 min. max
Teacher Incharge: Ms. Suruchi Batra (9873215151)