"Clap! Camera! Action!"

"Let the Writer, Producer, Director, Actor and Editor in you come forth."


Online Submission

Make a movie on the theme "Cyber Peace" or "Cyber Safety".
◈ Movie should be well crafted and must be creative.
◈ It should be emotionally engaging(comedy, drama etc.)
◈ The total runtime of the movie including opening and closing credits should strictly be minimum of 2 mins. and a maximum of 4 mins.
◈ Movie could be in Hindi or English and it should be an original work.
◈ Movie should be uploaded on YouTube(In the Privacy Settings) choose the settings to Private and the link to the video along with the participants' details is to be sent to by October 13, 2017.
◈ Subject line of the mail must be the School's name

Judgment Criteria-
◈ Direction
◈ Idea (Script)
◈ Editing
◈ Cinematography
◈ Acting
◈ Composition of a story
◈ Profound message
◈ Original Work

Eligibily: Open:
1 Team of 4 Students
Student Incharge: Mukul Sharma (Alumni), Shivank Arora, Adhiraj Jain