Beware of Natural Catastrophe

◈ Participants have to present a Nukkad-Natak on the awareness of any one Natural Disaster. For example- Earthquake in Uttarakhand or Himalayas
Flood in areas like Kosi River
◈ The Nukkad-Natak should include the following points:
          → How and why some locations prone to this disaster?
          → Its impact on native human life, their school and economic conditions.
          → Government response, preparedness on the mitigation program.
          → Prevention Measures
◈ Judgment Criteria-
          → Concept
          → Creativity
          → Expression
          → Relevance of Topic

Eligibily: IX-XII
1 Team of 5-6 Students
Time: 5-10 min
Teacher Incharge: Ms. Neelu Kapoor (9818183520)