Movie With A Difference !

◈ Use your knowledge of chemistry to create a common household product which can be used in our daily life. Record the process of creation of the same in a video with proper sound clarity. Also quote the price that the product may be labelled at, keeping in view the cost incurred.
◈ Movie should be uploaded on YouTube and the link of the video along with participants' details is to be sent to by 21st April 2018.
◈ Also mail a brief summary of your product in pdf format
◈ Subject line of the mail must be School's name.
◈ Results of the event will be uploaded on 26th April 2018 on the school website -
◈ Judgment Criteria-
          → Creativity
          → Originality
          → Economic Viability

Eligibily: IX-XII
1 Team of 2 Students
Time: 3 minutes maximum
Teacher Incharge: Ms. Vibha Uboweja (9999251535)
Teacher Incharge: Mr. S.K. Bhutani (98100077206)