◈ Make a movie on one of the following themes:
          → Accession of Raja Raja Chola I and on Chola architecture.
          → Peasants movement, tribal movements related to Indian history.
◈ Movie should be well crafted and must be creative.
◈ Movie could be in Hindi or English.
◈ Movie should be uploaded on YouTube and the link of the video along with participants' details sent to aviral.heritage@gmail.com by 21st April, 2018.
◈ Results of the event will be uploaded on 26th April 2018 on the school website - www.info@dldavsb.org
◈ Subject line of the mail must be School's name.
◈ Judgment Criteria-
          → Original work
          → Research efforts
          → Relevant content
          → Audio

Eligibily: IX-XII
1 Team of 2 Students
Time: 2-3 minutes
Teacher Incharge: Rashmi Sharma (9650195051)