◈ Participants have to carve a cartoon character from any food item. Only famous cartoon characters should be carved.
◈ They should bring all the ingredients, equipments for preparation, carving and serving
◈ Boilded, steamed, parboiled, roasted ingredients can be brought by participants.
◈ No carved food to be brought, all carving work is to be done at the time of the event.
◈ Assortment of food (fruits, vegetables etc.) can be used to create a single cartoon character.
◈ Cartoon carving should promote a slogan on 'healthy food'.
◈ The final carved cartoon should be completely edible.
◈ Judgment Criteria-
          → First Impression
          → Presentation
          → Innovative/Unique
          → Attention to detail
          → Design Composition

Eligibily: IX-XII
1 Team of 2 Students
Time: 2 hrs
Teacher Incharge: Ms. Bhavna Gupta (9899392959)