Be an Einstein !

          →The queen of carbon science
          →Redox Flow Batteries
          →Organic Chemistry is all around us
          →Can bottled water go bad.
◈ Make a PowerPoint presentation on any one of the topics mentioned above
◈ The presentation must contain sources of reference.
◈No changes can be made in the presentation on day of the event.
◈ E-mail the ppt by 21st April 2018 at
◈ On the day of the event, one student of the team will present the topic and the other will operate the PowerPoint presentation. However, both are eligible for the interjection by the judges.
◈ Judgment Criteria-
          → Content
          → Overall Presentation
          → Clarity of the Topic

Eligibily: XI-XII
1 Team of 2 Students
Time: 3 minutes maximum
Teacher Incharge: Ms. Vibha Uboweja (9999251535)
Teacher Incharge: Mr. S.K. Bhutani (98100077206)