Aus Der Reihe Tanzen (Dance Competition)

◈ Maximum of 2 properties are allowed for the whole performance by each school.
◈ The theme of the dance can be selected from the following:
          → German Traditional dance of any state of Germany
          → Modern dance of any state of Germany.
          → Folk dance of any state of Germany.
◈ The dance should be performed on a theme based German song.
◈ Participants performers should show 3-4 words or quotes in German language in their performance.

◈ Judgment Criteria-
          → Harmony
          → Creativity
          → Synchronisation
          → Costume

Eligibily: VIII-X
A Team of 5-8 Students
Time: 3-5 min
Teacher Incharge: Ms. Divya Rathee (9711543028)